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How Photographers Can Use Lighting Techniques on a Sunny Day

The modern movement in photography has led most photographers to the outdoors. People want a natural shot and the best way to do it leads to plenty of natural light. Even the natural light that spreads out the area all throughout the day gives the perfect effect for photography, even as it disappears still they give the most wonderful effects. This is great for portraitures and wedding photography.

What if you are taking pictures in a place like Arizona? It is typical for Arizona to have a sunny afternoon. According to city data, it receives more than 80% of sunshine through out the year. This clearly speaks of why most of the lands in this area are semi-arid or have desert-like appearance. However, the climate and the scenic spots in this state have made it perfect for outdoor weddings. You can go beyond the non-traditional ceremonies and do it the best possible way. On top of that, you can have the best shots for your wedding photos in this state. What more if you will have it in places like Grand Canyon, the banks of Lake Havasu, desert botanical gardens, Algodones Dunes or even at other national state parks. Your wedding photography in Arizona will look even better with a combination of nature and a lot of sunshine.

When you happen to have afternoon weddings or at times when the sunlight is peaked, lighting should not be a problem at all. However, every photographer needs to have the right blending in order to have the best possible effects for the photo. The following are the lighting techniques that can be used in a sunny day.

Hard Lighting

Any photographer using this light needs to be extra careful so as not to form silhouettes of the subject rather than make them as the focus. This can really give powerful wedding photos when done in the right way because your focus can become multi-dimensional, dramatic or even symbolic.

Back Lighting

This is perfect for sunset or sunrise photos. This is also great for images that has a shadowy effect or if you want certain angles or shapes and forms to be highlighted. They help in making photos dramatic and abstract.

Front Lighting

You can use the sun to as your front light not only by allowing your subjects to face the sun rather than by foiling them. This is great if you want to have bright photos especially if they are candid. It makes the photos very warms. It also highlights the colors and tones of the photos.

Different wedding photography in Arizona can have various styles. However, the beauty of the photos lies on the ability of the photographer to use the natural bright lights of Arizona to create quality photos. It is amazing how they do it especially when they are able to capture the fine colors radiating on the grassy fields, the sparkling of the water or even how things come to live on the background. With the use of these lighting measures, your photos will be worth having.


Arizona is one of the sunshine cities in USA. This makes it for wedding photography. However, too much light can overwhelm the photos thus with the right skills, photos can be captured without using artificial lights. Just the usage of natural light, your photos can send out the best possible message to the viewer.

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Nature Landscape Photography For Beginners

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It does not matter if you want to start with nature landscape photography as a hobby or as profession, there are beginners tips for everyone. If you want to learn the skills and the different techniques you need for nature landscape photography you can read about it online, buy a book about the subject, follow a class in a community center or go to a photographers course organized by a nature or wildlife organization. In this article we look at a few things to consider before you make a choice about the best option for you.
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Types of nature photography

There are a few different types of photography that you can consider to learn:

Fine art Nature Photography

Wildlife nature photography

Nature landscape photography

Documentary nature photography

Close up nature Photography

Equipment needed for nature landscape photography

It does matter what type of nature photography you are going to learn first to know what type of equipment you need but when you are just beginning as a hobby all you really need to get started is a proper camera.

If you want to photograph wildlife you need a lens that will zoom in at least three times to start with so that the wildlife will not be scared off if you approach it.

For close up photography you need a special lens or feature on your camera that can do that. But there are other features of cameras that are used in nature photography that are useful but you only need to buy them if you are sure you want to do more and better nature landscape photography.

Advanced Equipment for Nature Landscape Photography

As a beginner a zoom of three times is adequate but a better option is to have a telephoto lens so that you can make shots from far away and it still looks like you where standing right in front of the object you photographed. Another useful piece of equipment for nature landscape photography is a tripod because this type of photography often requires long periods of waiting before you have the right light, or the animal or insect comes to the right spot can take a wile. And then its difficult to keep still and hold the camera.


There are a lot of courses in nature landscape photography you can take that will teach you the basics and take you on a real life practicum. They are a great opportunity for the beginning nature photographer. They will also teach you utilizing natural lighting to provide specific looks and shots in nature landscape photography.

If you are a bit more experienced you can also follow classes with a nature and wildlife organization. Especially people who are interested in certain birds and animals in nature, can learn all lot on these courses. For example there are many different techniques you can use for taking pictures of birds in their natural habitat and also for shooting pictures of landscapes at certain times of the day to get special effects. As you can see there is a lot you can learn about nature landscape photography.

The author of this article, Richard P. Carter is a professional photographer, at his website Photography Pro Tips .com he likes to write about digital nature photography and fine art nature photography and much more.

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